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Most Needed Items
updated 6/26/2024
Jelly or Jam (plastic please)
Canned Protein -Tuna & Chicken
Boxed Cereal
Gravy -can or dry packet
Boxed Oatmeal
Boxed meals -Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, Chicken Helper
Size 5 & 6 baby diapers
A&D / rash ointment
Condiments - ketchup, mayo, mustard 
Baking- Sugar, Flour, Salt 
Canned baked beans/pork & beans
Canned hash
Canned hearty soups/stews
Canned fruits - peaches, pears
Apple sauce (plastic please)
Boxed meals -hamburger, tuna, chicken helpers
Instant mashed potatoes
Pancake mixes and syrups
Kraft brand Mac & Cheese 
Low-sodium canned vegetables
Lactose-free Shelf shelf-stable dairy items

No super-sized, damaged, or expired items. We cannot accept home-canned foods, home-baked goods, opened packages, or any food you would not feed your family.

Items can be dropped off anytime in the securable donation lockers located at the front door.

Financial Donations are always welcome.
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