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Senior Shopping     
Reserved for ages
60 and over.

Open on the first and third Friday of each month,
from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.

Mission Nutrition DeForest offers a variety of food and personal care items to DeForest School District Senior residents in need. These include canned and dry goods, frozen meats and meals, dairy products, loaves of bread, bakery sweets, an assortment of produce, and personal care items. It's important to note that available items do vary from week to week based on the donations received.

 Contact Stephanie at 608-846-9469 for transportation assistance.

Senior guests are welcome to a total of 4 visits per month.

Upon arrival at the pantry, you can enter and select the items you need from the shelves.

Doors open at 10 AM. Wait in your vehicle if inclement weather.

Use the same card at check-in as for the drive-thru pantry.

Volunteers are available to assist with carrying items or bags.

As a courtesy to volunteers, it's requested to keep grocery bags under 20 pounds each.

Bring your own reusable shopping bags or plastic shopping bags if possible.

Used plastic shopping bags are available at the pantry if needed.

Store shelves with canned food items
shelf stable food items
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